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Why the 1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry

The 1st Missouri Infantry Regiment evolved from one of several unofficial pro-Unionist Home Guards militia formed in St. Louis in the early months of 1861 by Congressman Francis Preston Blair, Jr. and other Unionist activists. The militia that would become the First Missouri was largely composed of ethnic Germans, although Companies K and I had significant numbers of native-born American citizens and Irish Americans. Although initially without any official standing, beginning on April 22, 1861, the four “underground” militia regiments Blair helped organize were sworn into Federal service at the St. Louis Arsenal by Captain John Schofield acting on the authority of President Lincoln.

The 1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry elected Congressman Blair Colonel of the regiment. The new Missouri Volunteer regiments, subsequently elected (then) Captain Nathaniel Lyon as the Brigadier General of the new brigade of Missouri volunteers. President Lincoln would later confirm Lyon’s promotion from captain to brigadier general. The unit was converted to the 1st Missouri Light Artillery Regiment at the beginning of September 1861.

Now, let us jump ahead 37 years.

The 1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry was again brought back for the Spanish American War.

1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry (1898-1898) – Organized and mustered into the service of the United States at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., May 13, 1898, with 47 officers and 981 enlisted men.


    Assigned to First Brigade, Third Division, Third Army Corps, May 22


    Left Jefferson Barracks May 19; arrived at Chickamauga, Ga., May 22

    Left Chickamauga September 4; arrived at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., September 6

    Furloughed for thirty days September 10.

    Moved from Jefferson Barracks to St. Louis, Mo., October 18

Mustered out of the service of the United States at St. Louis October 31, 1898, with 43 officers and 1,177 enlisted men.

An entire 5 months of service!!!

Now, let us move forward in time a bit, 121 years to be exact.

In middle of 2019 a large group of Patriots that were part of another Militia, decided to step away from that group and look for another more motivated and active group to join. Things were tough for a time, and finding another group was not working out. Close to the end of the year the decision was made to create their own Militia, and in January 2020 the 1st Missouri Volunteer Infantry was again alive and kicking.

The 1stMoV is a highly active group, training and growing bigger and stronger every month. Our goal is to be a force multiplier in any situation. We are a family-oriented group with Christian beliefs. Family is always welcomed to attend train at every meeting.

If you think you would like to know more reach out and talk to one of our recruiters, we have teams across the State.